Consultancy websites


Cornish WebServices have designed, maintained or helped market on the Internet a variety of websites relating to management consultancy, IT consultancy, document management consultancy and other areas of business advice. Below is a selection of these business consultancy websites.

Engineering consultants

Highway Engineering Consultants - - based in TONBRIDGE, Kent.

Management Consultants

Hedley Basford Management Consultants - - based in Kent

Pharmacy consultants

Pharmacy Consulting Ltd - CANTERBURY, Kent.

Document scanning services

Document scanning including microfilm or microfiche scanning - provided in the UK by DCS.

Outsourcing Document Scanning services - Information on various types of business outsourcing including document management and scanning services.

Home Inspections and Inspectors

Home Inspectors gives information on becoming a home inspector and on the new UK regulations in the housing industry, particularly the requirement for surveys to be done.

Selling your boat?

Maritime Brokerage provides a one stop service for selling your boat, sports boat, cruiser or craft using both traditional and innovative marketing methods

UK Brokerage

Medway Brokerage offers a Pro-active UK brokerage service with state-of-the-art marketing and great rates.

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