List of business services and consultants

On this page you will find a variety of resources related to the Internet, webdesign and marketing.

Disclaimer: We have not tested or tried out any of the resources listed on this page unless specifically stated.

Business Services

Professional catalogue photography

Commercial photographer - - based in Gillingham, Kent. River Stills are an experienced commercial photography company with a large portfolio of residential photos (for the housing market) and commercial / business property photography as well as product photography and interior design photography for magazines and brochures.

Document scanning services

Document scanning including microfilm or microfiche scanning - provided in the UK by Data Capture Solutions. a UK company offering document scanning and full document management services.

Outsourcing Document Scanning services - Information on various types of business outsourcing including document management and scanning services.

Document scanning services in the UK for business.

Engineering consultants

Highway Engineering Consultants - - based in TONBRIDGE, Kent. Shirehall Consultants provide civil engineering services, in particular for road management projects. Shirehall Consultants have a large amount of experience in dealing with county councils.

Health industry services

Websites relating to the healthcare industry, and to hospital or pharmaceutical consultancy services. This includes hospital surveys, NHS Patient Surveys (UK), and patient surveys.

Pharmacy consultants

Pharmacy Consulting Ltd - CANTERBURY, Kent. Pharmacy Consulting provide expertise in medicine management projects and work with both local community pharmacies and large pharmaceutical companies.

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