Measuring effectiveness of PPC for telephone leads


When using PPC advertising it is important that you know how effective this is. For online shops this is easy as you can record your PPC costs and the sales these generate. In fact for online shops a good PPC agency will be managing and optimising the account based on the actual sales value.

But what about businesses who get their best enquiries by phone call?

For this it is sensible to use a mean of tracking which phone calls are generated by PPC. Cornish WebServices can provide this and we use one of two methods:

Standard PPC- telephone tracking

In the standard model we use another phone number dedicated to the client PPC campaign. We ensure that any visitor to the client website sees the PPC phone number and dials this. This is seamlessly routed direct to the client’s usual phone line which they answer in the normal manner. But we are able to monitor and track the number of phone calls generated from a PPC campaign. If the client wishes we can also implement a ‘whisper number’ so they see immediately the source of the enquiry.

Enterprise PPC – telephone tracking

In the enterprise model we use multiple phone numbers to measure individual adgroups or even keywords within the PPC campaign. For higher PPC budgets this ensures the budget is spent in the best way. There is no limit to the number of different campaigns we can track.

Cornish WebServices have been using phone conversion tracking with PPC successfully on many different websites since 2008. This has helped prove the huge value of some PPC spend and help adjust spend in other instances. Most of the websites we design and build include the ability to use variable phone numbers and the Cornish CMS supports this facility.

If you are looking for a PPC agency who is experienced with B2B and tracking phone call enquiries, contact Cornish WebServices. We have implemented PPC telephone tracking systems in a variety of different websites.

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