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Do you look for ways to power up your PPC? Perhaps AdWords is working for you but you would like to get even better performance from your pay-per-click.

There are several quick and simple methods to optimise your PPC advertising. You can easily overcome simple oversights that you have been making with your AdWords accounts.

If you think your AdWords account is under-performing then the first thing to do is to ensure that you have conversion tracking working. This is the only real way to measure if your ads are converting properly.

Dynamic keyword insertion can also be extremely useful. This is when the keyword that triggered the ‘click’ is placed in the headline or description of the ad text. This repetition reiterates what the user searched for and so is more likely to generate a click through.

Another innovative thing you can do to optimise your PPC is to add images. This expands the volume of impressions you have access to because many websites only accept image ads of certain dimensions. So by creating image ads in the required dimensions you boost your conversions.

You can also create ad extensions, including sitelinks and product extensions, to get more traffic onto your website. Ad extensions make your ad larger and more visible, meaning you will get more click-throughs and ultimately more conversions.

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