Internet Marketing : Search Engine Optimisation

In the long term, search engine optimisation offers HUGE benefits.

  • High visibility promotes your brand name
  • Top positions in the search engines generates more relevant web traffic
  • Top positions in the search engines enhances your credibility
  • Long term usually offers best return on investment.

Is your website highly visible? Is it listed near the top of the search results for relevant searches? Do you have enough enquiries?

If the answer to any of the above is no, then contact us for a quick quotation on how we can help. Cornish WebServices have been creating search engine friendly websites from 2002 and have considerable experience and getting client websites to the top and keeping them at the top for many years.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation involves creating a properly marked up website that gives clear information for both users and search engines. It involves improving the website code and the website content to help the website appear nearer the top of the search engine listings for relevant keywords. It will also involve 'off page' work to promote your website by helping the search engines to consider it more important.

Search Engine Marketing

Cornish WebServices often prefer to use the term 'search engine marketing' as simply obtaining the highest rankings on the search engines is not sufficient. If this is achieved, but visitors to do no click onto the website, or do not like what they find then the impact of search engine optimisation is reduced.

Search Engine Marketing considers both the search engine optimisation, click through rate and website conversion process to generate sales or leads or enquiries (depending on the purpose of the website).

HELP! I'm Confused with so much Search Engine Optimisation advice

The following may be helpful:

  • Effective search engine optimisation takes time to be done properly. It cannot be automated and 'free offers' or 'cheap offers' attached with hosting or some website design packages will not get good results. Most of these 'offers' are used to generate email marketing lists, not provide an effective SEO service.
  • Most of the free advice on websites is simplistic or out of date. The free advice on our website is reasonably up to date, but no search engine optimisation company will publicise the exact techniques they use in competitive markets to gain top rankings, or give away information on the most up to date factors influencing the search engine algorithms. Free advice is a starter. Beware of out of date advice - e.g. old poor advice on link strategy could harm your website rankings.
  • Google Toolbar PageRank and back links are not reliable. Any SEO company quoting these as evidence of work done or improvements that can be made is giving misleading advice.
  • In niche markets we have achieved top 3 search engine positions on Google for relevant keywords which generate good traffic. This has sometimes been for under £250. Yet for competitive markets budgets of several thousand pounds per month may be required to achieved and maintain top rankings. Cost is affected mainly by search engine market, but also by website design - in general larger websites are easier to get to the top of the search engines.

Need help with Search Engine Marketing?

Contact us for a discussion on how we can help. Or read our section on Search Engine Optimisation. The following pages in particular may be helpful.

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