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Many email clients now make it easy to generate HTML emails. In the same way that early website editors produced poor code by default, the same is true with HTML emails. The optimum type of HTML code to use within an HTML email is very different from the optimum HTML to use within a modern website.

When creating HTML email templates we always ensure they are written to reduce rejection as Spam. For some clients we make use of 3rd party Email marketing software, and we ensure all templates used are adapted and optimised.

Poorly written HTML emails get rejected as Spam by many email clients. Our Spam filters regularly reject large numbers of HTML emails, many from reputable businesses.

Internet Security software both on PCs and on servers has improved in terms of filtering out suspicious emails. This includes many emails sent as marketing programmes and also emails from some types of email server (including our own!) which provides an excellent way of testing the likely rejection rate of emails. Any emails we send on behalf of clients use a different server.

Email Legislation

Email marketing has received a very bad press recently through the large number of unsolicited spam. There is now new legislation in place that affects how and when you can send marketing emails. Basically you need to opt in to any such email contact list, and the email list should never be passed on to anyone else. There are differences between B2B and B2C email marketing.

The recent legislation on email marketing includes certain requirements that must be present within any emails sent. Cornish WebServices can advise on this and create HTML or non-HTML emails for marketing. We can also manage a total email marketing plan including tracking the ROI of each programme.

Email Tracking and Statistics

When managing an email marketing campaign, as standard we include tracking statistics of which emails have been opened, how many people have unsubscribed from the mailing list, and click through statistics to your website.

The reports can include information such as hard and soft bounces, and time of day analysis of click-throughs. This enables the Email marketing campaign to be improved

Can you create effective HTML email templates for us?

We have created a number of email template designs. Visit our Email Marketing page to find out more or alternatively view a sample of our html email template designs.

Cornish WebServices have been managing email marketing campaigns for clients since 2003. Contact us for a quick quotation on how we can help.

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