School Budget Protection good for education marketing

school marketingIn the wake of budget cuts presented by George Osborne, schools appear to have been exempt from budget cuts in 2013. Education institutions and healthcare establishments are two sectors who were protected from the £2.5 Billon of cuts announced in March 2013 - the only two industries. This is great news for those selling to schools and education marketing companies who facilitate this.

The education sector maintained its current budget whilst most other areas of government say budgets cut by 1% in the next few years. However, looking at the budget document in detail, Osborne hints at the possibility of spending cuts further down the line. The document states that "The Department for Education (DfE) will conduct a review of the level of efficiency in the schools system to report alongside the 2015-16 Spending Round". This means that an education marketing company must accommodate for this fact and prepare to be hit by austerity measures.

The document stated that there was a delay on the government’s decision on whether for-profit suppliers and providers of Higher Education should be exempt from VAT commenting that there are a number of issues.

What does this mean for Marketing to education?

The education sector is a multi-million pound industry in which private businesses sell their products and services too every year. This news will be a welcome boost to those who target schools, universities, nurseries, colleges and more as the marketing spend available should remain consistent. This news also benefits education marketing companies around the UK who provide marketing solutions to the firms who sell their products and services to school.

Both schools and those who provide services to schools will be reassessing their budgets ahead of the new tax year in April 2013. Now is a great time to think about how to market to schools and discover how schools will allocate their budgets for the year. Use the expertise of an education marketing provider such as JEM Education Direct who posess the industry knowledge and contacts to provide effective communication with education sector. Visit them at

Published on 25/03/2013

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