Content Vs Design for Websites

web design kentThe job of a web designer is to seamlessly combine your website content with the design in a way that communicates the message effectively in a dynamic and interesting way. There’s often debate amongst designers about what should come first, the content or the design and how much one should influence the other. Successful Kent web design, or web design anywhere should come from understanding the needs of clients.

You may have a very visually attractive and effective marketing website which began with little or no content; however, these sites eventually suit their purpose well as the designer has had consideration of the original message or theme of the site. In this case, effective marketing content can be added later without a problem.

Content is Kingdom

You may have heard popular sayings thrown around such as ‘content is king.’ This concept is true when it comes to kent web design (or web design anywhere) but perhaps more accurately, we should be saying “content is kingdom.” This phrased is coined because the content of the site is the main reason for the creation of the site - i.e. companies would like to communicate their service offerings. Whether you have a B2B or Ecommerce site, there is always a reason that the site exists, to showcase and sell products or to generate leads online.

A kingdom contains more than one high authority though - which in this case is design. Design goes hand in hand with content as one is always less effective without the other. The manner at which the content is displayed is very important - you may have great copy but unfortunately, searchers quite often judge a book by its cover. This is particularly true of ecommerce websites where building trust with your consumers is key.

kent web designThe chances are that the overwhelming majority of users will access a site because of its content and not the design (i.e. the first experience they will have is through search engines). Make sure your Kent web designer knows the content that will be going onto the site. This is important to know, both in terms of type and quantity, so that these factors can be included in the design right at the start. The more content you are able to supply at the start of the project, the better! Send this to your web designer and they should be able to work their magic to create an effective end result.

Keep in mind that whilst your design and your content go hand in hand, the first step is to deliver the content so that the basis of the design can be formed. Remember this when you are choosing a Kent web design agency and you will find that an effective and relevant design will follow.

Published on 22/05/2013

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