Corporate team building an essential tool in today’s market


In today’s economy tough budgeting decisions need to be made, but cutting back on corporate team building could prove detrimental.


Because as Aristotle put it “The whole is more than the sum of its parts” – an effective and efficient team can be and achieve so much more than individuals working alone.

So rather than cutting back on corporate team building organisations need to be looking for team building events/ activities that:

  1. Galvanize a team together quickly and effectively
  2. Are suited to all members of the team whatever their experience, interests or abilities
  3. Are capable of producing long-term benefits

Corporate Cooking

Cooking has long been recognised as a uniting activity in fact parents are often encouraged to cook with their children not only to impart necessary life skills but also to help build stronger family bonds.

When applied to a working group cooking naturally develops key team building skills in a more relaxed environment.

Cooking is also an activity that can easily be tailored to suit a variety of skill levels plus with experience professionals on hand the team building cooking event can be one that is truly unique and beneficial to the whole team.

Finally the experience of preparing and eating a gourmet meal together is one that team members remember and talk about long after the event helping them retain their key team building skills and allowing them to further develop and deepen team working relationships through a positive shared experience.

Team Building Cooking with Venturi's Table

Venturi’s Table is the UK’s first Corporate Cooking Centre, custom-built to provide fun team building cooking experiences for groups of business professionals.

The standard and size of their London cookery centre is unrivalled containing two state-of-the-art kitchens combining functionality with high-end design. Each kitchen can hold 30 guests with the whole centre able to accommodate groups of up to 60 people.

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