Finding Specialist Swimming Pool Tiles


If you are having a swimming pool built or refurbished one of the most important elements to buy is your new swimming pool tiles.

These specialist tiles are for use within and around the edge of the swimming pool. They commonly have a special anti-slip finish or texture that ensures safety whilst in the water and walking around the edge of the pool.

Swimming pool tiles don’t just have to be practical however, you can get some really attractive pool tiles that will transform your existing pool area or can add a stylish flair to your new swimming area.

Swimming pool tiling comes in a variety of sizes, styles and colours. You can go for a mosaic effect using sheets of small tiles to give depth and grip in and around a pool. swimming pool tiles

You could perhaps even create a mosaic mural with these little tiles, for example the outline of a fish or dolphin within your pool.

You can even buy these mosaic pool tiles with a pattern already within the tiles. For instance if you want to create a border you can buy ready to use mosaic tiles that contain a border pattern.

If you are looking for a wide choice of specialist swimming pool tiles there is no better place to find them than the Walls and Floors website. They stock millions of tiles at great prices, including a great range of pool tiling.

To browse their brilliant range of swimming pool tiles go to their website and order discounted samples with free delivery. Visit to find out more.


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