Swimming pool tiles

Swimming pool tiles are designed with properties which make them especially suited to the wet conditions. The main requirement is a low absorption rate and the industry standard for swimming pool tiles is an absorption rate of less than 3% . Tiles in this category include glass tiles and porcelain tiles.

Swimming pool tiles have traditionally come in colours such a white, blue and a pale green. It is also common to use a mosaic type of tile and this enables patterns to be created to give decoration.

Within swimming pools you might use different tiles at different water depths. This is because in shallow water you should use slip resistant tiles. There are recommended guidelines on this which state that in water depths of between 1mm and 450mm then a minimum of category Wet ramp B slip resistant tile should be used. For water depth greater than 850mm, there are no restrictions and any low absorption tile can be used. At intermediate water depths then there are additional ranges of tiles which offer a medium amount of slip resistance.

You can view a selection of swimming pool tiles at online shops such as Walls and Floors. This website has all tiles most suited for swimming pools shown together which helps to select the right tiles more easily.

Published on 18/03/2011

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