Renovating your kitchen


The first decision to be made should be do you need a kitchen replacement or a revamp. A key factor here is the positioning of the main elements in the kitchen, such as the cooker, sink and dishwasher. If the position of these is making the kitchen difficult, then there is a strong reason for a redesign and renovation.

But if the positioning of these is fine, then a revamp may be all that is necessary and a lot more cost effective. The appearance of a kitchen can be transformed by:

  • Replacing the doors of tired kitchen units. This is much less costly than replacing the whole unit.
  • On a smaller scale replacing the door handles gives an effective make over.
  • Re-tiling the walls with a new range of kitchen tiles can transform a kitchen.
  • Repainting the walls, maybe with a change of colour.
  • Changing the flooring. This could be new lino or a new set of kitchen floor tiles. By changing the colour and texture of this you can create a very different look. And maybe make the kitchen easier to keep clean.
  • Updating one or more appliances.

If you have decided that key elements of the kitchen are in the wrong position then you need to consider a more costly redesign. This usually works by starting with the most commonly used items and groups these together for ease of use.  But practicalities such as window and door locations as well as overflow pipes and access to water and gas are also considerations.


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