Manufacturing Tiles Environmentally

With an increasing consciousness about environmentally friendly manufacturing, tile production is just another area where processes have become increasingly green.

Many tile manufacturers are conscious about keeping their carbon footprint as low as possible in order to not impact too negatively on the environment.

Efficient use of energy and raw materials is key to an effective tile manufacturing process. Minimising energy usage and not wasting raw materials are good for the environment but also cost effective for the business, so it makes sense to effectively manage these areas.

Some environmental practices tiling manufacturers use to conserve raw materials include collecting rainwater and re-using it, plus crushing and re-using any sub-standard tiles.

The fact that many traditional tile manufacturers are based in England, particularly around the West Country, also ensures that energy is not wasted transporting tiles long distances.

UK customers can order British tiles and know that they are getting a quality product made in their own country, that hasn’t mounted up high transportation costs.

Close proximity of manufacturing to retail points and buyers also allows tiling producers to keep their costs down and pass on savings to their customers.

British Ceramic Tile or BCT are a Devon-based tiling manufacturer. Working in an area famous for tile making, they produce quality tiles by traditional methods that also respect the environment. A range of BCT tiles are available from leading online tiling retailer Crown Tiles.


Published on 22/08/2011

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