Power Surveys


Power Surveys measure your electrical power consumption, power factor, power peaks, and maximum demands over a period of time. This is very useful for planning and budgeting and most organisations will get a good return on investment from a comprehensive power survey, especially with increasing fuel prices.

Effective energy management is about effective cost management of your energy resource combined with efficient use. As with all things the first steps to improvement are knowing the initial state and what is actually going on and then you can see where improvements can be made.

  • Understand your electricity usage helping to eliminate waste.
  • Check the accuracy of your electricity bills.
  • Calculate the running costs of buildings, equipment and offices.
  • Check for low power.
  • Understand your Power Profile in terms of your maximum and minimum electricity demands.
  • Avoid supply problems.
  • Negotiate to get the best tariff for you.

The equipment use to carry out a power survey is known as an energy analyser, and examples are the Hawk 3000 and Hawk 5000 energy analysers.

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