Microsoft Slips as Google Gains!


So who is now the second most valuable technology firm in the world? As of this week Google has now gained this honour with Microsoft slipping to third position.

internet marketingAs of Monday Google had increased its share value by about 1 per cent to the tune of total market capitalisation of nearly $250 billion (around £155bn). While Microsoft, saw its worth fall around 1 per cent on the same day, closing out business with a lower valuation of $247.2 billion (£152.9bn).

While Apple is still leading the pack this shift clearer demonstrates the move in the technology sector from hardware and hard-copy software sales toward online advertising and mobile technology.

 AdWords managementCertainly android technology has had a major part to play in Google’s rise in value, but what does this mean for UK business?

While share prices and stock markets can seem like another world the reality is that on a day to day basis more people are conducting their everyday lives online.

Smartphones and tablet computers are now the must have technology and if you’re in business and not optimising your online marketing effectively you could be seriously missing out now and in the future.

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