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CRS Mobile Cold Storage have teamed up with a Californian based company to offer an exciting and unique new product suite of supply chain / temperature controlled containers

One of the unique features of the new temperature controlled containers is the use of the system PIMM (personal information management monitor). Pimm is basically an instant messaging buddy list but is actually used as part of a company’s operational tools.   

The new system is basically a software based logistics system. It helps to provide affordable and practical temperature controlled containers in a supply chain solution way. CRS aim to use the new functionality across a diverse range of industries including but not limited to food service, retail, distribution, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, building management, IT management, etc.

What can the new climate controlled container software do?

The new climate controlled container software monitors and manages data that is collected from any or all of the sources – both analog and digital. It can also monitor other aspects of a business and its systems including  plant equipment, building management controllers, IT devices, HVAC systems, lighting systems, temperature management systems, fleet management, warehouse management and it’s not limited there. The new software has uses in many areas.

For more information about effective cold storage via the use of climate controlled software, check out CRS in Ireland, cold storage specialists with years of experience. 



Published on 01/12/2010

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