Shoppable Videos on YouTube Boost E-commerce


E-commerce or online shopping is a very popular activity these days. Many brands are now also using social media sites to encourage people to engage with their brand and buy from their sites.

YouTube is the latest content sharing social site that is being utilised by some leading brands. ‘Shoppable videos’ are being created on the site where a promotional video contains products that you can also click on and buy.

Leading online fashion brands like Asos have started using video as the latest internet marketing tool to sell their products. It is a great way to sell fashion because the user can see a product or catwalk video that gives them a full 360 degree view of how the garment looks on a model.

YouTube has discovered a masterstroke by making its content shoppable. However the technology has been rather clunky in the past, with it taking many clicks to purchase a product that you seen in a video.YouTube Shoppable Videos

Sometimes purchasing was also disturbed by the video play, but now new shoppable videos are being created where a separate purchasing page pops up and the video content pauses whilst the transaction is made.

This YouTube technology is designed to capitalise on the moment when people watch videos and instantly want to purchase the item, a key impulse buying window. Other social sites like Twitter can be used to direct people to a brand’s shoppable video content on YouTube. The video content is also designed to direct people to the brand’s main website, so is a great internet marketing tool.

YouTube is currently offering this technology for free but many brands using it are starting to buy ads on the video sharing site to promote their videos, enabling YouTube to create a revenue stream from shoppable videos.

Cornish WebServices make it our job to analyse all the latest technological and social media developments that are going on which make a difference to the world of internet marketing. We are then best placed to advise our clients on which tools to use to best promote their business online.

We help you use YouTube for business marketing online. For more information on our social media management, including how we can help you harness the power of YouTube and other social sharing sites, call 0330 555 4680 or get in touch via our contact form.

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