Wordpress and Facebook Work Together


Wordpress publishers can now easily integrate Facebook features such as social publishing, updates and mentions through the new Facebook for Wordpress plugin.

The new plugin makes it easier for people to make their Wordpress site a lot more social. Plus it is easy to set up, as there is no coding required. The new plugin also works on mobile.

Once the plugin is set up you can easily cross publish posts between Wordpress and Facebook. Posts on Wordpress will appear on your Facebook Timeline and the Facebook pages of any website links you included in your posts.

Plus there is a feature in Wordpress where you can mention a friend’s name and the post will then appear on their Facebook timeline.

So this makes the plugin a great way to quickly share information from Wordpress across Facebook. This new plugin will enable social networking to be further integrated and allow cross publishing of content across the web.

Cornish WebServices are experts on social networking and are able to advise our clients on the best social platforms to use.

We manage many clients' social networking and new integrations such as this between social sites allow us to promote their message quicker and easier.

For more information on our social media management read our social networking information pages.

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