Have you Discovered StumbleUpon?


StumbleUpon is the latest social networking craze that is sweeping the globe. It currently has over 25 million users and has gained an impressive 1 million users a month since October 2011.

StumbleUpon markets itself as the ‘easiest way to discover new and interesting web pages, photos and videos across the web’. It is a great tool for discovering media and therefore referring traffic to other websites.

It is obviously a popular service because it is gaining users as fast as other social networking rivals Facebook and Twitter. StumbleUpon was once owned by eBay but has become independent again in recent years, increasing its staff from 30 to 120 since leaving eBay.

The renewed popularity of the online discovery site is thought to be due to the increased use of mobile apps and a revised web-based service. Originally the site was only available through a browser extension, but is now on both iOS and Android apps. A good 20% of StumbleUpon hits are now from mobile phones.

StumbleUpon could be useful for business because it refers more traffic to websites than any other social network. For this reason it has a very high amount of advertisers, over 75,000 in total.

Upgrades made last December also now allow users to create brand and business pages, which are separate from social profiles. 250 organisations have already signed up! It is currently a social site that is particularly popular in the US but is sure to be coming our way soon.

Cornish WebServices can advise you on which social networking site will be beneficial for your business and when is the right time to create your next business social profile. We help our clients to create popular social profiles and are always up to date on the latest news in social media.

We ensure your social sites will get your name out there on the web and help bring the right people to your website who will convert into customers. If you want your business to be ahead of the social networking curve and perhaps get a profile on StumbleUpon, then contact Cornish WebServices to find out more.

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