How Social Video will Shape Up in 2013


Social video is becoming more and more popular because of video sharing websites like YouTube. So what developments will happen in the world of social video in 2013?

Many people now watch video content online, in fact it is estimated that in 2012 one in two people watched some kind of digital video content on the internet.

Video content is also great for sharing across the social networks and can easily go viral, meaning that millions of people will watch the same video the world video

Digital video is becoming so popular that sites like YouTube have started to invest in their own channels that could begin to rival some of the mainstream TV channels in 2013.

These online video channels may also start to attract some of the big advertisers that have traditionally spent money on TV advertising.

Although watching video content on TV is still more popular than the internet, advertisers will be ever more keen to reach the wide audience of video watchers available online.

So 2013 will see adverts on video sharing sites such as YouTube become more common. Many advertisers are already starting to buy increasing amounts of ad space on these sites.

These ads are often used to promote specific content on YouTube. For example many big name advertisers now want to promote their 'shoppable videos', these are promotional videos that contain products that you can also click on and buy.

So 2013 will see more advertisers focus on digital video and will also see the video channels diversify their offering in order to increase their popularity and rival other mainstream media.

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