Measure Social Media ROI


There are easy ways to measure return on investment (ROI) from your social media activity.

This is important because it helps you compare the efficiency and financial worth of your internet marketing campaigns and see where social media fits into the bigger picture.

For ways to measure social media ROI read socialmediaexaminer:

Are you wondering how to determine the return on your social media activities? If so, look no further.

In my prior Social Media Examiner article about Social Media return on investment (ROI), I discussed the financial definition of social media ROI.

This article goes a step deeper by working through a few examples of estimating the social media ROI.

Posted by Dag Holmboe, 12th October 2011.


Social media can play an important part in overall internet marketing activities. It can allow you to share company information and build better working relationships with your followers, who are also often your clients. It can also elevate you as a spokesperson in your industry if you get your posts or updates right. Contact Cornish WebServices for advice on your social media campaign.  

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