Social Media and PR


Social media websites can help support your online PR strategy.

As news organisations increase their online activity, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook can be used to post company news stories that journalists in your industry may pick up and use.

This means media coverage will spread more rapidly online than ever before, which is good news for business marketing on the internet.  You can also easily evaluate your online social media public relations activity with a few simple tools.

To find out how read this article in socialmediaexaminer:

Have you used social media strategies to support your public relations efforts? Are you struggling to show whether social made a difference?

This post will focus on six metrics you can use to measure the impact of social media on public relations (PR).

Posted by Nichole Kelly, 22nd September 2011.


Cornish WebServices can offer great internet marketing support, including social media and PR. We can show you how to combine strategies to boost your influence online and with opinion makers in your industry.

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