Pinterest Gets Business Interest


Pinterest is one of the newer social networking sites that is becoming increasingly popular because it offers something different. It is more image based than the other sites so is great for photo sharing.

Pinterest describe themselves as “a content sharing service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects to their pinboard.” This image sharing ability makes it popular with individuals and lifestyle companies because they can show images of products such as food, clothes and decorative items.

However, is it a useful networking tool for all businesses? Some B2B brands may struggle with an image sharing site – particularly if they service-based rather than being able to showcase products – but with some lateral thinking there are actually multiple ways these businesses can make best use of the platform.

Pinterest can actually be a great way to create a personal face for your service – particularly for business consultancies or logistics type companies whose websites may be rather dry! You can have pages containing images of your consultants with quick tips and industry quotes or articles.

Pinterest can be a great way to add short bits of text alongside images, rather than bombarding people with a lot of technical information. You could even add photos of your offices and company outings to give a human angle to your company.

So Pinterest has many uses for businesses, even if they aren’t heavily focused on selling visually pleasing products. You can create a friendly image for your business with this social networking site and it is also great for creating backlinks that point people towards your website.

Cornish WebServices offer effective social media management. We set up and manage social networking pages for a range of clients. We have created Pinterest pages for many of our clients, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles.

Social media profiles can really help to boost business profits, for instance a recent client achieved an impressive 2.5% ecommerce conversion rate via referrals from their Pinterest page.

If you would like us to develop social media profiles that could benefit your business then call us today on 0330 555 4680.

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