Targeting Twitter Mobile Users


It has been recorded that more than half of twitter users use a mobile device to log in access the social media at least once a month. The ease of pulling your phone out and having Twitter already logged in means that mobile users are 86% more likely than other users to check Twitter more than twice a day. Tablet access stands at 15% which is unsurprising giving the ‘spontaneous’ nature of Twitter, with the majority of users tweeting passing thoughts or quick updates.

Marketers should realise that because users carry around their phones or are using their phones consistently throughout the day, the majority of the target audience will be mobile users.  

Check out the statistics below from Compete 2012:

Twitter mobileSource: Compete 2012

The compete survey also stated that mobile users are 301% more likely to use Twitter before and after going to the cinema than the average twitter user. Tweeting when watching TV is also a trait of 66% of mobile users which is 32% higher than the average.

What does this mean for marketers?

The information confirms that mobile users are more likely to engage, which is so vital when making social media work for your business. Mobile users are more likely to compose tweets, retweet and favourite tweets. Perhaps one of the most important statistics is that they are 63% more likely to click on a link, generating traffic back to your site for the all-important SEO benefit.

Therefore, sites must be made accessible and suitably legible on mobile devices if you have not done so already. Think closely about your tweets and if they are easily accessible to the mobile user. Information should be offered at the correct time of day, for example tweeting about great lunch deals just before lunch time or tv reminders at night. Bear in mind that mobile readers may not have time or a suitable for reading long wordy articles so keep it simple and use short snippets to encourage engagement. 

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