Grahams Website Enjoys SEO Success


Due to a focussed SEO campaign, Grahams saw the number of natural search visitors to their website increase by 34% this month. Grahams sell a top range of audio and home cinema equipment from their online shop.

Cornish WebServices began to manage SEO for Grahams back in April of this year. In just two months the number of natural search visitors had increased by an impressive 34%. By the middle of June there were hundreds of extra visitors per week on the site, with numbers continuing to grow.

These results show just how important SEO work can be for generating more traffic to a website. The SEO campaign for Grahams has focussed on home cinema type keywords, ensuring they rise to be ranked in the top 100.

The methods by which Cornish WebServices increased the natural search visitors involved extensive keyword research related to key phrases in Home Cinema. We also wrote home cinema articles on our website and submitted articles for external syndication.

Cornish WebServices will continue to work on the Grahams SEO campaign to further increase relevant visitors to the website.

For more information on a great range of home cinema equipment visit Grahams online shop.

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