Will Facebook Still Dominate over Google+?


With Google asking companies to refrain from joining Google+ until they have developed a business edition, there is much speculation about this forthcoming version.

Some people even think that Google+ will take over in popularity from Facebook for business profiles, but there are several reasons why this may not happen.

Facebook works with Microsoft and Skype and although Google has Adwords, Facebook has ‘Page Insights’ which offer good analytics for Facebook pages.

For more on this read the recent article on pcworld.com:

Google has asked businesses to refrain from jumping on the Google+ bandwagon just yet, and claims to be hard at work developing Google+ Business Profiles that address the unique aspects of a business on a social network as opposed to an individual. Early speculation seems to trip over itself swooning about the benefits and advantages of these not-yet existent Google+ Business Profiles, but I don't share the enthusiasm.

Written by Tony Bradley, July 2011. 

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