Get your Google+ Going


Google+ has been up and running for a while now but not everyone is engaging with the social website. Business users are therefore looking for ways to encourage people to get on board with the site.

Google+ is different from other social networks. It has a unique set of capabilities that allows more personalised engagement with followers.

Therefore this makes it a great tool for business networking and the capabilities that make it different from other sites like Facebook should be used to their best advantage.

One thing you can do to engage more interested customers is to follow people that are relevant to your business, as Google+ has similar follow capabilities to Twitter.

You can then add these people to your circles and when you post something about your latest business venture you know you are sharing it with like minded people.

It is also important to engage with the people in your circles. So if they post something in response, make sure you follow it up. There are SEO benefits to this because Google+ results are integrated into Google search, this means people in your circles could see your content on Google.

Plus remember that any posts that you share on Google+ should always add value to your business. Google+ allows you to write longer posts than Twitter and make them stand out to followers by customising your posts with bold or italic text.

So there are many ways you can further engage people with your business through Google+. Cornish WebServices offer social media management and can help you set up a Google+ profile for your business. If you would like more information about our social media expertise then contact us today.

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