Foursquare Can Fire Up Your Online Marketing


Foursquare is one of the leading location-based social networks. It has 20 million users and is the most popular app people use for ‘checking in’ to places they have visited.

Once people have checked into a location it can be shared with their friends who are on Foursquare and other social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

Foursquare is a great marketing tool for businesses like bars, shops and restaurants that people can physically visit. This is because anyone that checks into a location based business then shares this with potentially hundreds of friends and followers across the social networks.

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Therefore if you are a business with a physical presence it is worth making sure you have a listing on Foursquare as it can be very beneficial for online marketing purposes.

Businesses with a physical presence should ensure ownership of their business name on Foursquare ahead of competitors. This can be easily done by downloading the Foursquare app and searching for your business name.

If you don’t see your business name listed you can click on ‘Add This Place’ to claim your listing. Then you need to add the full address and category in order to get your listing up and running.

You can add your business to both category and sub-category listings. Filling out plenty of details in the location box is vital too. You need to add your full address, phone number, business email and Twitter name.

Giving as many details as possible will help to market your business on FourSquare and across the internet to as many people as possible who see their friends ‘checked in’ to your business and decide to find out more about you.

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