Boost your Business with Facebook's Secret Groups


Facebook has a feature where you can create secret groups that only include selected contacts or friends.

Facebook Secret Groups were originally created for interaction with small groups of family and friends but people are now using them to interact with business contacts.

They are great for internal interaction within a business too, for discussing issues and developing strategies with different departments where everyone doesn’t need to be involved.

Read socialmediaexaminer for ideas on how to use Facebook Secret Groups for business:

One of the most underutilized features of Facebook for businesses is the Secret Group. A Secret Group is easy to create and manage, and it is perfect for small-group interaction.

Posted by Phyllis Khare, 6th October 2011.


Facebook and other social networking sites can be used very effectively by businesses to boost their internet marketing. As ideas on effective social media keep changing however, it is a good idea to get advice on your social strategy. Cornish WebServices can offer support in this area and with your general online marketing projects.

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