The Benefits of LinkedIn for Business


LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for business. It is one of the most popular social media sites alongside Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn is probably the best option for business.

This is because it works like a company CV, offering information about services plus listing employees and their skills. There are several things you can do to optimise your LinkedIn page. For instance pictures can be added to your profile to create more interest.

Your business page can feature all your products and services, perhaps with images or logos to go alongside each offering. You can also add plug ins to your LinkedIn profile to enable you to post slides and video. With LinkedIn you can make a really creative portfolio display to make the most of your business.

If you have published any books or articles, you can also add publications to your LinkedIn profile. This helps to promote your academic skills to the wider world and perhaps show you as an expert if your work field. You can use LinkedIn as a platform to offer expert consultancy advice.

You can also network with others and build up an online community by recommending others for their business acumen using LinkedIn, just as they might recommend you. However it is not ideal to bulk recommend people or people you don’t know, as it should be a platform where you are selective and professional.

The great thing about LinkedIn in terms of SEO is that it has a higher conversion rate than Facebook and Twitter, plus good backlinks, so it is really of benefit to business as a tool for reaching customers.

Cornish WebServices are experts at creating social media profiles for our clients. We know how to tailor sites to suit each client and the purposes they want to use it for. Visit our social media pages to find out more about how we can get your business to benefit from LinkedIn and other social media websites.

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