Email Marketing or Direct mailing services?

mailing houseWhen faced with the decision about how to market products, companies often only have the resources to produce an email marketing campaign or a direct mail marketing campaign using mailing house facilities. Depending on the type of business you are targeting it can be best practice to combine both services. Here are the pros and cons of these two different mailing services:

Email Marketing pros and cons of email compared to traditional mailing.

  • Email is inexpensive. However this is why it attracts so much spam. Response rates or hit rates are often low; however, for cost of producing mailing campaigns, companies can afford to send high volume email blasts which will only get a 5% response. Emailing is also good for reaching large numbers of people in short space of time. If you have access to a mailing list, it’s not expensive to try a campaign.
  • Email is quick. Production time is also not as long as using a mailing house as the proccess is digitalised. The email also gets to your target market instantly whereas using direct mailing services which mean a faster response time and speedy proccess from start to finish.
  • Spam is a major con when it comes to email campaigns. Sorting through these messages is a real turn off, especially for busy people who may even just delete or categorise your email as junk before they open it.
  • Email messages have to be quite short; you cannot send extensive amounts of texts as many will plainly just not read it. This also limits creativity as the message must be compacted.

Why use a mailing house?

When it comes to bulk direct mailing using a mailing house there are definitely advantages. For example Junk mail is tolerated more than spam. When a user opens a letter there are still a few seconds to catch the reader’s attention and convey a message - perhaps even more so if they actually open the letter. Also, direct mail gives you the physical space to tell the whole story. Although the associated costs are more expensive, there are companies who offer low cost mailing services that actually make mailing in small batches economically viable. To find out more about mailing services, visit the Orbital Mailing services website here.

Published on 16/01/2013

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