Where do all your leads come from? Another client compliment for SEO work

I'm just phoning to say I've given your details to yet another company

"I was taking with a business contact the other day, and he started questioning me on where all my leads were coming from. So I suggested he type 'xxx xx' into Google. He did and then asked for your company details!"

Cornish WebServices have been providing search engine optimisation and total Internet marketing for this management consultant for several years. Their website has remained highly ranked throughout, and is currently enjoying first page positions on Google for a competitive keyword phrase.

Cornish WebServices have always designed marketing websites - websites which rank highly on the search engines and are designed to sell or promote a product or service. Indeed all our own work arrives from being highly visible on the Internet. No search engine optimisation company should ever be advertising their services via paid advertising.

When designing a website, search engine marketing should be considered from the beginning, not as an afterthought onece the website is built.

But search engine optimisation has dangers - what do you do when there are too many leads and sales enquiries? Cornish WebServices believe this can be a real problem as there is a time cost to dealing with too many ennquiries.

Published on 04/03/2008

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