Planning SEO Into 2013

SEO has changed a lot over the last couple of years with Google’s frequent algorithm updates. There will likely be more to come too, so how can people make sure that their search engine optimisation is prepared for the year ahead?

The main rule with SEO is that content is king. You need to have well written, relevant web pages in order for Google to rate your website highly. People who used to rely on link-building or other quick fix SEO methods have seen their websites tank.

So the number one rule is that there is no substitute for good written content. But in the ever changing world of SEO, is this enough to get your website ranking highly in the search engines?

SEO planning

2013 will likely see internet marketing managers diversifying their SEO methods in order to get good results. Relying on one method may mean you fall behind in terms of good search engine optimisation practice.

Some new methods to try in order to boost your SEO could include diversifying your anchor text and link building tactics. It may also be important to diversify your general online marketing tactics in 2013.

Social media is becoming increasingly important in business terms and you can also use more traditional marketing methods such as PR to promote your brand both offline and online.

So next year should be an exciting year for search engine optimisation. As long as you diversify your methods then you have a good chance of maintaining a good position on the search engines.

Cornish WebServices offer expert SEO management services. We make sure our client’s websites are well optimised and we diversify our SEO methods to ensure they retain a good position on the search engines.

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Published on 21/12/2012

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