The Importance of High Quality Links for SEO


It is easy to get good quality links in websites and articles, if you know how to achieve it. There are many simple ways you can add good links, but don’t be drawn into the pitfalls of poor linking.

Firstly, how do you assess whether links are high quality or not? There are tools out there to measure link quality, like the Google Toolbar PageRank. But this doesn’t assess changes in link quality.

If a link is on a homepage then this is often thought to be a quality link. However, links don’t have to be on homepages to be high quality and this is often a misnomer.

Links to quality websites on any page of your site can be beneficial. Similarly, links to your own site found on any page of a quality third-party website can also be useful.

Adding links to articles is a great way of driving people to your website. Links in articles are seen as high quality, particularly if they are well written and informative articles and the links are relevant to the content of the article.

It is best to value links for what they do for a website overall, not just for search rankings. In other words keep your website high quality by only adding relevant links to pages containing relevant subjects. Don’t just add links randomly around your site as this could be seen as link farming and could be penalised by Google.

As the search engines get ever stricter on SEO, it is increasingly important to use high quality links. This way your website won’t be penalised for poor quality content and links.

Cornish WebServices are SEO specialists. We design quality websites containing good content and write quality articles for our clients. All of our written content has quality links that help improve website rankings and conversions.  

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