More SEO work required on pharmacy consulting website


More SEO work required on pharmacy consulting website

Back in 2004, Cornish Webservices provided some SEO work for a Pharmacy consultant, and as a result his website moved to the top page of Google. Nothing unsual here.

But in 2008, the client contacted us again as the website had just fallen to page two on Google and enquiries were less than before. Cornish WebServices are now undertaking some more SEO work to return the website to the first page of Google. The amazing part about this story is the length of time the website stayed on page one - a period of 4 years, relying solely on the SEO work done in 2004.

But.. back in 2004, SEO was much less competitive as not many businesses understood it and effective long term SEO that Cornish WebSesrvices did back in 2004 is still providing valuable leads for many clients four years later.

By contrast, short term 'quick fix' SEO techniques employed by some SEO competitors gave just short term better rankings, and many of these websites have dissappeared or been rewritten.

UPDATE: April 2008 - after one week's SEO work the website is now back on top page of Google and above the fold (ie higher than 5th position) for the main three keyword phrases. The 4th keyowrd phrase should follow shortly.


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