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Basford management consultants frequently recommend Cornish WebServices to other businesses, and for good reason. Their website appears on the top page of for the competitive phrase ‘management consultant” , and has done so consistently for many years.

Cornish WebServices were initially asked to manage the Basford website in terms of updating content, but we quickly made suggestions to turn the website from being a simple brochure of services offered (as most management consultant websites are) into a marketing website for lead generation. This has proved very successful.

Since then the website has seen two complete redesigns and ongoing search marketing.

management consultant

For more information on general business advice, or to speak to a management consultant then visit .

Cornish WebServices have a large number of clients in the business 2 business (B2B) sector for whom lead generation is the target and not sales. This is quite different from an ecommerce website where the emphasis is on generating income from online payment through a shop. The timescales are also different. Most ecommerce is quite short term with the lead time being from minutes to days. By contrast some B2B have lead times of many months to a few years from initial contact through to a contract being committed to. Designing a website for B2B marketing requires a slightly different approach to B2C or ecommerce websites.

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