Outdoor Lectern Signs


Outdoor information boards and interpretive signs need to be designed well if they are going to provide years of use. As well as containing relevant and simply laid out information, outdoor lectern-style signs need to be properly framed and mounted.

These things need to be taken into consideration if outdoor signs are going to provide years of use to visitors and tourists, particularly in country areas. Robust mounts will ensure the signs remain strong and withstand the elements for many years.

The angle of lectern frames also needs to be well thought out as proper placement can have a major impact. Many interpretation signs are often mounted in lectern frames which are set at an angle in the region of 45 degrees.

This angle is particularly popular because it permits adults, small children and even wheelchair users to easily view the outdoor sign without obscuring the panorama.

Lectern signs are very popular in country parks and other rural areas, especially when they are made of timber or wood as this helps them to blend into their surroundings.

These signs are available in a variety of wooden materials including softwood, which is good for a budget option. Oak is a more expensive option but is very long lasting as well as beautiful to look at.

Lectern signs can even be made of wood effect recycled plastic. This is a particularly good material to use in harsh or remote environments where the signs may be subject to pests or decay.

Wood effect plastic is perfect for countryside signs because it blends into the environment and looks like real wood. It is also environmentally friendly because it is made of recycled plastic – that can also then in turn be recycled.

If a lectern sign is going to be in an urban environment then it needs to usually be harder wearing and easier to repair. Urban signs may also need to be vandal resistant.

Metal lecterns are commonly produced for urban areas in varieties of steel or aluminium, often galvanised and then sprayed to get the desired colour. Spray finishes are better than powder coatings as they are easier to repair and touch up.

So there are many options available when it comes to outdoor lectern signs. Fitzpatrick Woolmer is a UK supplier of quality outdoor signage, including lecturn signs. They design and produce signs according to their clients specification. For more information visit www.fwdp.co.uk

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