Websites created to make money from PPC market


Websites are now being created with the intention of making money from the rapidly expanding PPC market.

On the one hand this is a great new business opportunity, with websites created as portals to more useful websites with content.

But it is also creating large numbers of extra directory websites with no use other than create an extra stage in the user getting to the information they require.

According to VeriSign, there are now close to one quarter a million domain names being registered each week with the aim of making money from the PPC market. They do this by including directory listings of links and sign up to programmes such as Google AdSense.

This means that extra care is required when managing a PPC campaign, and checks should be made that you are not paying money to these speculative websites.

Contact Cornish WebServices for help in managing paid advertising campaigns which includes routine checking for fraudulent clicks or clicks from these speculative websites.

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