PPC Success for Sheet Music Direct


Sheet Music Direct is the leading digital downloads service for musicians. They provide downloadable sheet music, backing tracks and video lessons for musicians.

They recently asked Cornish WebServices to manage pay-per-click advertising for them. This has brought great results for the company in just one month.

Conversion rate is up by 27%, and the number of sales has doubled. This is great news for the digital downloads site and proves an investment in PPC can bring great results in a short space of time.

Their return on investment (ROI) is up by 65%, revealing that paid online advertising was the right choice for the company. PPC works well for ecommerce websites and can be used on its own or alongside natural search engine optimisation (SEO).

Cornish WebServices are experts at managing both PPC and SEO. We can give advice on the best option to suit your website that will bring quick results and an impressive return on investment. For more information visit our internet marketing advice page.

To browse a great selection of merchandise for musicians visit sheetmusicdirect.com

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