Shopping for Products on Mobiles becomes Easier


As Smartphone usage increases, Google has announced that its product extensions are now available on mobiles.

These allow advertisers to highlight images and prices of products directly in their Adwords search ads.

Product local ads, an updater to product extensions, will also be available on mobiles. These ads allow the user to see the availability of products in local stores.

For more information read PPC Hero:

A few years ago, in 2009, product extensions in Google were made available to all advertisers in the United States.  As of today, product extensions will also be available in mobile formats, as will Google’s new product local ads (in Beta format).

Because consumers rely so heavily on their mobile devices to shop (79% of smartphone consumers claim that they use their phones to help with shopping activities and 84% claim that they notice mobile ads, according to a smartphone study done by Google), these new ad types have a lot of potential!

Written by Amy Hoffman, 9th June 2011.

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