Make the Most of your PPC


Many online businesses use pay-per-click advertising or PPC to promote their products or services. This means that there are many Google AdWords accounts out there, managed by the business themselves or perhaps their PPC manager, which need nurturing to bring out the best results.

There are several ways you can power up your PPC that will bring benefits to your organisation. Remember that PPC is an ongoing and continually evolving process, so the first tip is to keep monitoring your AdWords accounts to make sure your paid search ads are still performing well.

Instead of thinking in the moment and reacting to any issues, you should also try to project PPC performance over the coming days and weeks. You can analyse past pay-per-click performance to try to predict what it might be in future.

Specific tools that also might help you to make the most of your PPC include search query reports, revealing search words and terms people have used that brought them to your ad.

These reports can also highlight negative keywords that you can eliminate. However you should regularly check your list of negative keywords to make sure they haven’t become relevant search terms.

Another way to make sure your ads are performing well is to analyse what your competitors are doing and how they use PPC effectively, or not as the case may be!

So there are many methods by which to optimise your PPC. If you do not have an AdWords account but would like to get started, qualified and experienced PPC managers can set up accounts for you.

Cornish WebServices provide an expert PPC management service. We can start new pay-per-click campaigns for clients or take over the management of accounts that are already set up. For more information on our services visit our PPC pages.

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