PPC Exam success


Over 96% scored in PPC AdWords Professional exam by Cornish WebServices lead PPC Manager.

Friendly competition amongst the PPC managers at Cornish WebServices helps ensure staff remain up to date with knowledge of using the Google AdWords advertising to maximum potential.

 Cornish WebServices have three fully qualified PPC AdWords Managers, who now have an average score in the AdWords Professional exam of 95%. Laurian was delighted to have just scored the highest mark in the company.

The AdWords exam is an online exam which needs retaking every two years to maintain the AdWords Professional Qualification. This is a useful quality check for companies wishing to check their PPC agency have fully qualified staff.

Cornish WebServices are unusual amongst PPC agencies in that they only allow staff who have passed the AdWords exam to manage client accounts. This helps maintain our excellent record with optimising client accounts to improve performance.

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