Increase Your Click Through Rate


If you use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in AdWords there are plenty of ways that you can increase our click through rate or CTR.

Click through rate means the number of times your ad is clicked on, bringing people through to your website or special offer.

Click throughs are the first step towards getting conversions, they mean you have initially interested people in your site and now you just need to get them to convert into customers.

This is why click throughs are so important, because they are the first stage in winning new customers. It doesn’t necessarily mean that clicks will bring conversions however, but it is a good place to start.

Easy ways to increase your click through rate include using ad extensions or site links. Ad extensions help you show more information in your ad. Site links allow you to link into your site directly from the ad copy.

You can also think of incentives that might appeal to potential visitors, making them want to click through from your ad. Offering something for free is always a good way of getting clicks.

Making ads time relevant is also another trick, for examples mentioning a current seasonal sale – say Easter or Summer – makes your ad seem time dependant and could increase clicks. There are also tricks or short cuts to follow with your ad copy that could increase your CTR.

For example, if in your ad description you put punctuation after the first line, this line will then be automatically added to the headline. This is a quick way to make your ad headline longer and more informative.

So there are many ways to grab people’s attention with your PPC ads. Concentrating on this initial, important stage of getting new customers will ensure increased CTR and therefore more potential customers to convert.

Cornish WebServices are PPC professionals. We can offer advice and management on PPC advertising. If you want to enjoy a higher CTR then trust our experts to optimise your ads and make them more clickable. For more information visit our PPC info pages today.

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