Social Media Monitoring of Negative Keywords


When managing PPC advertising, you need to keep an eye on negative keywords.

However, to analyse the negative effect of a keyword is often only possible when you look at your Google AdWords report, after it has already had a negative effect on your account.

Social media can help by flagging up the most common negative and and indeed positive keywords surrounding a term you are monitoring.

For more on this subject read PPC Hero:

Negative keywords: likely the best and worst tool you have at your fingertips as a PPC account manager! Sometimes it’s difficult to identify the negative terms that will have the desired effect on your account (more qualified traffic, higher click-through rate and lower CPL), and the problem with relying on search query reports to find negatives for your account is that identifying negatives in this way is more reactive than proactive.

Posted by Sarah at PPC Hero, 25th October 2011.


PPC advertising is an intricate business and needs to be carefully monitored and adapted on a regular basis. Cornish WebServices keep up to date with the latest PPC news and opinion to ensure we are passing knowledge onto our clients and effectively managing their accounts.  Contact us for advice on expert PPC management.

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