Utilise Different Keyword Types for PPC Success


When running a PPC campaign it is important to consider keyword match types to get the most from your ad.

Different types of keywords can be utilised separately or together to ensure an effective campaign. Careful consideration of keyword match types will ensure improved results from your paid ads.

The following article in PPC Hero explains the six keyword match types and when to use them:

Keyword match types are not a one size fits all kind of deal. Instead, all three can be utilized together, or separately, depending on your PPC strategy and/or business type. Each match type has its own set of benefits, as well as drawbacks, but when utilized together effectively, it can give you great results. So, in the following paragraphs, the six keyword match types (broad, phrase, exact, negative, embedded, and modified broad) will be analyzed, as well as how to properly use each one.

Written by Bryan Watson, 1st August 2011.

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