Google+1's Power Over PPC Increases


Google +1 is really starting to have an effect on internet marketing and PPC advertising now.

First it began to change how AdWords are managed for search by influencing CTR and Quality Score.

Now Googe +1 is going to be included on the Display Network ads, starting in October. This is a sign that Google are marrying social and PPC together.

Read the article on Clix Marketing for more information:

The time has come for all PPC advertisers to pay attention to Google’s +1. Last week I wrote an article about how +1 is starting to change how we manage AdWords for Search due to its potential affect on CTR and the indirect influence on Quality Score. Yesterday, Google announced that +1 is going to be included with ads on the Display Network starting in October!

Posted by John Lee, 21st September 2011.


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