Google Enhanced PPC Campaigns

The new Google Enhanced Campaigns is making great changes in the world of pay-per-click management.

It really is the biggest change in Adwords in recent years. PPC advertisers now have much more control over their campaigns and where they are seen.

Google Enhanced Campaigns have repercussions for both online business owners and those that are searching online and clicking on PPC ads.enhanced ppc

The biggest change is the aggregation of content for different devices into one PPC campaign. Previously ad managers tailored their PPC adverts to be viewed on different devices, such as desktop and mobile.

Enhanced Campaigns offer a new clever set of tools to give you the ability to manage ads across different devices, locations and time - all within a single campaign.

This will mean that if potential customers are in a particular location, say looking for a restaurant, those restaurants that are local to the search query can target their PPC adverts to the searcher.

PPC ads can also now be changed according to user content. Suitable ads, sitelinks and extensions can be targeted to the user's profile and the time of day.

Conversion tracking is also improved with the new Google Enhanced Campaigns. Better call tracking and digital download tracking is available with the new PPC tools.

One downside is that you now cannot avoid bidding for ads that show on mobile. However the good side of this is that businesses will now need to keep up with online browsing trends by creating mobile websites, because any PPC campaigns they run will show on mobile.

So there are many changes to Google AdWords that make campaigns easier to control and assimilate. PPC managers will really need to make sure they are aware of the possibilities if they are going to make the most of Google Enhanced Campaigns.

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Published on 12/02/2013

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