Using AdWords for Advertising Your Online Shop


AdWords is a really effective way of advertising your online shop and this is clearly proved by the large number of Internet based businesses which have grown and expanded through this really powerful advertising tool.

AdWords is the paid per click advertising system that works so well as it can be targeted at exactly your products and shown only when people are searching for your products.

As an example, suppose your online shop is selling mobile phone accessories. If you use AdWords to advertise your products then your can set the campaign up so the ads only appear when your potential customers search on ‘mobile phone accessories’. But you can be more specific and actually the types and brands of mobile phone accessories.  So your ad will show to a very well targeted audience.

The next clever feature of AdWords advertising with online shops is you can setup your campaigns so when people click on them they go straight through to the specific product page. This means the ads take the visitor straight to a really relevant page, maybe even to the exact product they were searching for.  Being able to direct visitors right into the middle of your online shop is a very important part of successful online pay per click advertising.

The above is good, but gets even better. The AdWords technology allows you to accurately track the sales resulting from each ad so you can see which ones are giving you the best results. You can then adjust where you place your advertising budget to get the highest number of sales or even highest profit if you include the costs or product margins. 

The most successful online shops are continually monitoring and improving their PPC campaigns to ensure these give the highest ROI. This is not a ‘once a month’ type activity, but a daily ongoing improvement to maximum click costs, to adcopy, to keywords used and the locations the ads are shown. Google operates a quality score scheme which gives a bonus to the best ads are a huge penalty in terms of costs to the worst ads. This makes the impact of ongoing optimisation of Adwords for online shops very important. The difference in performance between a mediocre campaign and a well optimised campaign can be more than 800%, which is a huge amount and is the reason some online shops succeed with Google AdWords and others do not.

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