UK workers give £1.5 billion in extra unpaid hours


UK recession worried workers are on average giving their employers an extra four hours of unpaid overtime per week, adding up to £1.5 billion in unpaid labour according to a study by online takeaway site

The survey also showed that Sheffield is the hardest working city with employees doing an extra 6.4 unpaid hours a week, followed by London with 6.1 hours and Nottingham with 5.7.

Of the 1,663 employees surveyed, 58 per cent of respondents say they are working more unpaid hours than ever before, with 71 per cent saying they regularly work through lunch breaks, and 44 per cent admitting that they often work late.

Ash Ali, marketing director of, says:

"Our study shows that Brits are really selling themselves short in a bid to keep their jobs. Whether the bosses recognise and appreciate this extra effort is another matter."

Certainly this survey shows how dedicated UK employees can be and sensible bosses will pay do well to take note. Much as these extra hours are helping UK companies it is important to remember that employees are a valuable resource and the long term effects of this type of working could cause problems for your business later on.

Your employee’s form a vital part of your business success and no one likes to feel taken for granted so keeping them positive and productive while not getting burnt out makes good business sense.

Hedley Basford business consultants provide practical help and advice on how to assess your employees working needs through confidential employee surveys plus recommend sensible and practical changes to improve your business for both you and your staff.

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