What is the main Criteria for being an Effective Logistics Consultant?


The first question to ask is really – what is a logistics consultant? Logistics Consultants and the role that they perform are often confused with supply chain consultants and sometimes with warehouse consultants.  The main focus that an effective Logistics consultant should have is to improve the bottom line improving and honing a company’s service operations and where possible – reducing a company’s cost base by improving general warehousing, the supply chain and all product and materials handling and distribution.

What do Logistics Consultants Do?

Simply put – Logistics Consultants manage a company’s logistics. But what does this actually mean and why are Logistics Consultants so important to a company? They look at and study a company’s data to try and solve any supply and distribution problems or see that effective supply and distribution is maintained. They do this by using huge advances in recent years in technology. Locating where products are can now be done electronically as opposed to manually – as can analysing a wealth of other data concerning products. Logistics Consultants also plan comprehensively and if necessary will often re-engineer processes. Doing these things effectively will improve a company’s supply chain performance. A good logistics consultant will also be able to provide advice on many aspects of the manufacturing process including order processing, productivity and the effective movement of products.

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